Monday, 13 February 2012

a kind welcome..


I  have gained a following of new followers over the last couple weeks, and i just wanted to take the moment to say 'thank you!' I have slightly neglicted this blog recently, simply because my fashion blog has almost taken off so i have been concentrating on that. But i am back don't worry!

QUEENS began life as a riot grrrl zine. We were full of articles on music, fashion, news, feminism, cultral issues, art etc I no longer had the resources to keep going ith the zine so i moved it to this blog. All of my post have been concentrating on music, which i love doing and will continue, but i will be bringing back some of the old stuff too - inspirational women, feminism, music, film art etc

so here is to the future! i invite you all to come with me, and please if you ever have any recomendations, comments, want to contribute of have yourself featured on this blog then please email me -

Lotta love!

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