Thursday, 9 February 2012

We were born to die

i have this strange feeling of uncertainty and anxciousness when anything considered 'mainstream' enters mind of likes. the latest is Lana Del Rey, she is absolutely everywhere right now, and its boring. she's even made it front cover of this months vogue. But just like the rest of the world i am intrigued, im in love with her hypnotic voice and lyrics. I want her long 40's waved hair but i have this uncertain feeling because the media likes to grab hold things hold them high in the air, shake them of everything until they drop. And often with the media and it's imediate obbessions they become over rated. The 'one song' is really good maybe single no 2 of the album makes top 10 too, but then that is it. They loose interest, not becuase they have a new story, a new product to pour over, but because those 2 songs were they only songs that were any good and will ever be.

So when the Lana Del Rey circus started i sat back with anxciousness, wondering about the girl from New York City and questioning 'is her album as good as it is wanted to be?' well, i am listening to 'Born to Die' on spotify right now, im supposed to be writing an article for a magazine but i had to stop and write this to you all and tell you..... Yes, yes it is.

track 3 of the Born to Die album - Blue Jeans

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  1. I understand your feeling, but I think Lana Del Rey is really good and her success is going to last quite a while... because she is so unique, there's no one like her in the music business at the moment :) xx