Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A history of the Riot Grrrl

It can be differcult to write a history piece on a revolution of music. Especially when you were too young to take part, and or it was before you time. But if you love it enough, re-live it enough, dance, sing and listen to it enough, the words come easy and the article is written.

And so it was, for me, i wrote a piece for the spring 2012 issue of Glitterball Magazine (read it here). The article is a brief history of the Rot Grrrl movement that kicked off life in the late 80's and still rocks the grounds of every music venue worldwide. It was a girl punk movement that grew from the dying 70's punk scene, starting in Washington by word of mouth and nothing else the power of girl bands grew across the country, over the sea, around our sweet countrysides and up into our cities; and increased over the world.

This is a sneak of what i have written - but to read the full article please check out Glitterball Magazine

Top lists -

Riot Grrrl books:
1.       Riot Grrrl – revolution girl style now! Blackdog publishings
2.       The Perks of being  a wallflower By Stephen Chbosky
3.       Girl Power: The Nineties revolution in Music By Marisa Meltzer

Riot Grrrl bands:
1.       Bikini Kill
2.       Huggy Bear
3.       Hole
4.       Heavens to Betsy
5.       Bratmobile
6.       Babes in Toyland

Riot Grrrl Playlist:
1.       Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
2.       Hole – pretty on the inside
3.       Babes in Toyland – He’s my Thing
4.       The Runaways – Cherry Bomb
5.       The Gits – Second Skin
6.       Delta 5 – mind your own business
7.       Hole – Doll Parts
8.       L7 – American Society
9.       Bikini Kill - Carnival
10.   7 Year Bitch – 29,000 miles per an hour

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