Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Back in town- new music list for 2013

2012 seemed like the year for 'boy bands'. Dull, seedy, over produced boy bands. However! The new yearr has opened with a girlious bang, and news of many lost favourite feline bands and musicians announcing the return of their pretty little faces, and the music we all fell in love with. 2013 is set to be the year of women in music, we know how to do it better with out a doubt. An Adele wining the golden globe for best original  song, she's setting the jeweled path in stone.

So this is my list, of women returning in 2013, you may of heard the announcements already but if not here we go!

 Last week a video was released on youtube by 'mutya siobhan keisha' formally the Sugababes. To be honest the 'new' band name sucks, but it is also genius too. Everyone knows them as the 3 teenage girls that founded the urban girl group, everyone's grown up with the trail and tibulation that surrounded the Sugababes, see know all their songs, we know they wrote them, we know their names, and we knew they were going to reform as the original members. So what else would you call yourselves?

A fascinating and exciting preview into what is to come, this is mutya siobhan keisha singing acoustically (well actually there is no instruments at all)a possible first single 'Boys'
There harmonies are amazing, and you'll remember exactly why you fell in love with them; I'm so excited about this reunion, what this space for all news.....


2. EVE

Who didn't love EVE? She has been a little quiet over the last few years, especially in the UK. We haven't really herd from since the release of tambourine in 2007. But this week has seen the release of her new single 'She Bad Bad' which will follow soon with an album dubbed 'Lip Lock'



Don't lie, you were excited too at the news from Beyonce's mouth this week that, 2013 would see the return of Destiny's child. The world is missing some hot, bootylicious, hair flicking music right now. And who better to front it, than the 3 little ladies that began it all. (Yes I know Michelle's not an orginal member but...) 3 days saw the leak of their new single 'Nuclear' it's not the hip shaking, body rolling song you'd expect, but there is definately more to come.


Also look out for new music from - 
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - New Album due April
(yes thats Karen 0 with blonde hair!)

5. Santigold - New single 'Girls' out now

6. M.I.A - New album due April

Anyone else excited for 2013's music release?


  1. This is great! Love you blog.

  2. love your blog
    its amazing that you write about music !!
    i'm a singer and writ about fashion and music