Tuesday, 24 January 2012

ALBUM REVIEW - LIONESS: Hidden Treasures

The album is a mix of unreleased tracks, duets and original recordings of some of her successful songs from Back to Black. Produced by her close Friend Mark Ronson, the tracks are raw, no editing, pure and innocent but in my opinion not in a good way. To me the album sounds unfinished; listening to some of the tracks they sound unpolished and almost rushed. Yes I understand Amy is no longer with us, so they couldn’t do 1000 recordings to get the right one, but if you compare track 1 ‘Our day will come’ and track 11 ‘Body and Soul’ with Tony Bennett, (the two songs ready for release) to the rest of the album you will understand what I mean.

It would have been great to have more ‘new’ songs on the album and less of the covers and original recordings of old songs, perhaps they haven’t been recorded but in the album sleeve hand written by Amy is a track listing and none of these songs exist on the new album. Perhaps they don’t exist at all, and this is just a tease to what could have been.

Track list
1.       Our day will come
2.       Between the cheats
3.       Tears dry (orginal version)
4.       Will you still love me tomorrow? (2011)
5.       Like smoke .feat NAS
6.       Valerie (’68 Version)
7.       The girl from ipanema
8.       Half time
9.       Wake up alone (original recording)
10.   Best friends, Right?
11.   Body and soul. With Tony Bennett
12.   A song for you

video - Our day will come

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