Wednesday, 18 August 2010

So i have just finished writing an article for the next issue of QUEENS on the book 'Drugs are nice' by Lisa Crystal caver. and it has got me excited all of a sudden im searching all ove the internetanything i can on Lisa CC and her genius band Suckdog. you can now by the album off itunes abd it lets you have a quick 10 second listen of each track, but its shit beacuse what can you tell from the the first 10 secs! not a fucking lot! plus also i like having cd's im not with all this mp3/itunes/ipod thing i like to have the real deal. and also simply beacuse i dont trust technology if my laptop decided it didnt want to work anymore (which is more than likely) where will all my music go! and how do i get it back........ at least in a house fire or something i will have the chance to grab things i want to save before i make for a run for it. technology has it's own mind and it freaks me out a bit. ever seen that film with will smith and the robots?? one day, one day

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